Ornamental Tree Catalogue 2021

In Tasmania, we are fortunate to experience a cool, temperate climate and there is nothing that indicates the change of seasons more than a deciduous tree. From the lush shoots or flowers of spring, to the shaded canopy of summer, to the changing leaf colour of autumn and finally, the ghostly branches of winter, the deciduous tree is the perfect specimen for your garden. It will provide shade through the heat of summer and allow sun into your garden in the cold of winter. We carry a large range; from the smaller growing trees such as Japanese Maples, to the larger growing Elms and Birches.

To ensure a wide selection of trees, we order from a number of different suppliers. Therefore, the availability of stock listed in this catalogue is subject to delivery from our suppliers. If you do not see the particular tree that you want listed, please enquire as it may be available.

We will notify customers as their orders are filled and unless prior arrangements are made, we require all orders to be collected by the end of July. This will ensure that customers receive their trees in prime condition.

Whilst Chandlers Nursery will take every possible precaution to ensure that the trees we sell are true to name and label, we cannot be held responsible for errors outside our control. We will replace wrongly labelled trees where possible, or substitute where necessary.

Please note: Orders have closed for 2021. Please call the store to find out what varieties are currently available.